Men: Comrades in Struggle Response

This article explains why women have not wanted men to participate in the feminist movement and also why some black women have been reticent to participate in the past as well. hooks states that some feminists have not wanted men to be involved because they are the ones who oppress women. I can understand why some women feel this way, although I do not think it’s an effective way to create change. Also, hooks talks about how black women share a bond with black men because of their mutual fight for liberation against their race; she gives this as part of the reason why some black women have been hesitant to join the feminist movement.

I like that hooks discusses how both men and women suffer from restrictive gender roles and that it is important for both genders to try to change this. hooks says that while all men support sexism and sexist oppression, it is because of they way they were socialized, just like women are. She also goes on to say that they shouldn’t blame themselves but they also need to accept responsibility for helping change the problem. I completely agree with hooks, it is so important that both genders try to end sexism.

Since sexism exists in our society and should be an issue for both genders, it is something that needs attention from everyone. It will be much more difficult if women do not have support from men as well. The movement would likely be more successful if more people, including men, would participate.


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