Endings and New Beginnings: What I’ve Learned and How I’ll Use It

I have learned a lot of new information regarding violence against women and children this semester. I have broadened my knowledge about rape myths, children coping with sexual abuse and preventative strategies used on campuses to end sexual assault, just to name a few things. Having learned these things, I think I will know how to react in certain situations much better than I did before this class.

With the knowledge I have from this course, I will feel more comfortable standing up to friends who have misconceptions about sexual violence. I know that I need to speak up to help educate others in an effort to end this type of violence. While it is always very difficult to do, it is one of the simplest ways to educate people; also, hopefully once that individual learns, they will continue to spread that knowledge. In addition to this, I now have more understanding of what to do and say if someone who is a victim comes to me for help. I have a list of resources available on campus and also know about the university’s sexual assault policy. Also, this class has taught me how to be sensitive to the individual’s feelings and how to be an active listener instead of always trying to immediately problem solve.

In the future, if I have children, I will attempt to raise them in a way that focuses on respect and equality for all people. I will teach them what consent is and how to communicate effectively so they can avoid certain situations in the first place. Also, I will try not to socialize them to be a certain stereotypical ideal. I will try to show them that boys can play with dolls and girls can play with trucks. This class has showed me how important education is and our children is the best place for this to start.


2 responses to “Endings and New Beginnings: What I’ve Learned and How I’ll Use It

  1. I def agree that it is important to raise your children in a way that does not conform to traditional norms and the rape supportive culture that we have grew up in. I do think that society is changing but yet has a long way to go in terms of accepting the reconstruction of society by present and furture generations. Im glad we were able to take this course as we have learned many life altering strategies. This course has helped us to interact appropriately with all people regardless to what they have faced in life. This is something we all can take and apply to our personal lives in some way, shape, or form.!!!!

  2. I think you brought up a really important point that I did not consider in my blogpost. Since we have studied a lot of cases of childhood sexual abuse in this class, it has made me realize how potent it is. It has caused me to think about the kids currently in my life, and those that will hopefully be in my future, and wonder how I would react if they told me they had been abused. I think something really important that I learned about abuse of children is that if a child tells you they have been abused, it is important to believe them and to try to help them. The person they accuse may be a family friend or a relative, but it is important to keep in mind that children have no reason to lie and have virtually little power in society, so only you, as an adult that they choose to confide in and trust has the power to help change their situation. Also, I’d agree that this class helped me to learn about more resources on campus that are available to victims of sexual assault so that if anything ever happens to me or a friend I will know where to go and who to call.

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